What is the Hype About Renewable Energy Systems?

Renewable Energy is the technology that is alternative energy of the including: sustainable, clean energy systems. The aim of Renewable Energy is to encourage scientific and academic attention on all aspects of renewable energy systems. This is done by developing a distinguished platform that can be accessed by professionals across the world, including:

  • university students
  • researchers
  • policy makers
  • industry professionals
  • utility companies

The journal also publishes research results, which are made accessible to the widest possible audience. This platform facilitates independent research and analysis by non-academic members and organizations. There are a variety of technologies for generating electricity in a renewable energy system. The main types of technology include:

  • wind turbines
  • solar panels
  • combined-cycle natural gas (combined-cycle coal)
  • on-grid or off-grid electricity using household appliances
  • off-grid electric storage

In some countries, there is a need for grid interconnection to support local electricity needs. In such cases, a separate utility company is appointed to generate electricity and transport it to the end user. In most cases, a power inverter is added to the conventional electrical system to generate electricity from the sun, water, or wind.

What is a Green Power Unit?

A green power unit is a device that directly converts the energy from renewable energy in the UAE. Most green power units have on-board batteries that store surplus energy produced during daylight hours. When sunlight or wind are unavailable, green power units can compensate for these factors by running overnight and switching on automatically at night. A green power unit draws its power from an internal battery bank. It requires little maintenance and is inexpensive to operate.

On the other hand, a utility disconnect is designed to provide surplus electrical energy to households and small to medium-sized businesses. These disconnects are installed within the home or office itself and allow individuals to independently generate electricity to meet their electrical needs. This is often done during off-peak hours or when electricity is cheap. It is intended for off-grid applications only because most off-grid applications today require complete integration with the utility grid.

What is a PV Cell?

One more type of renewable energy system is the photovoltaic (PV) cell and solar panels in Dubai. This refers to individual photoelectric cells that generate electricity by sunlight. The PV cell is commonly installed as a part of a combination renewable energy system such as a solar panel or wind turbine. It has two key advantages over other renewable energy systems.