Pediatric Neurologists & the Conditions They Treat

Pediatric Neurologists & the Conditions They Treat

If you’ve been diagnosed with a condition that requires treatment with medications, you may be wondering whether or not you should see a Pediatric Neurologist. You may have just gotten your first check-up, and now you’re worried about what will happen next. Should you go to the doctor to get a further evaluation? What can you expect from this type of doctor? Here are some of the reasons to visit a Pediatric Neurologist in Dubai.

Seizure disorders:

There are a variety of different forms of seizures that can affect the brain, ranging anywhere from simple focal seizures that cause only mild pain to life-threatening convulsions. Some of these seizure disorders occur during periods of stress or depression, while others occur in response to medications, diet, or other medical issues. A pediatric neurologist can help treat and prevent these seizure disorders. In some cases, the doctor may recommend that the patient undergo surgery to stop seizures.


One of the most common reasons to visit a pediatric neurologist is the onset of headaches, either cluster or universal, in the course of diagnosing conditions. cluster headaches typically occur when the brain is subjected to extreme strain or stress, such as after certain types of surgeries. Generalized headaches, also known as universal headaches, occur throughout the body daily. They are sometimes a sign of underlying neurological problems or other ailments. If the headaches are persistent, the doctor may recommend a referral to another specialist.


One of the most serious effects of head trauma is the development of cerebrovascular disorders, which can result in permanent or temporary memory loss, disability, or even death. Children often have a hard time dealing with the death of a parent or another close loved one, so they might feel particularly vulnerable during a visit with a pediatric neurologist to discuss the importance of taking care of themselves in the aftermath of such an event. Specialized preventative therapy can be administered as part of a memorial plan for such visits. A neurological examination will help determine if such prevention measures are necessary.

Adjustment to Life:

The normal course of development of the nervous system and the brain in children is interrupted as a result of many things. Sudden and often unexpected changes in a child’s environment can wreak havoc on their emotional, physical, and neurological well-being. A pediatric neurologist can help the child adjust to these new circumstances and their often new environment.

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