Child Care Priorities For Live Out Nannies vs. Au Pairs

Child Care Priorities For Live Out Nannies vs. Au Pairs

A common, but not standard, feature of any type of live-out nanny service is a contract that outlines the services to be provided. Typical services include room, board, utilities, childcare, and a mobile phone. Along with this, a typical live-out nanny also receives a stipulated set amount of cash each week as payment for her services. But the family also has access to the live-out nanny twenty-four hours a day, five days a week, for the full term of the contract. Once you have entered into the contract as a nurse in Dubai, you have agreed to such an arrangement and have taken full responsibility for any issues that may arise during the term of your contract.

Monetary benefits:

There are benefits to becoming a live-out nanny. The most obvious of these is the monetary benefits. However, once you have started to work as a live-out nanny, you will begin to receive benefits similar to that of a regular nanny. It may be worthwhile to discuss these points further with the nannies agency in question before starting the employment.

Nannies have better options than AU pairs:

There are benefits to becoming a nanny rather than an au pair. Au pairs are generally younger, less experienced, and are from different countries. Taking on the role of an au pair requires additional language and cultural training, and a great deal of hard work.

Nannies have approval from the department of education:

A few things remain the same when comparing au pairs and nannies, such as the childcare experience. When seeking childcare for children over the age of three years, both au pairs and nannies will be required to attend childcare centers that are approved by the Department of Education. Children under this age must also be enrolled in school, and both parties must sign an agreement of consent. It should be noted that while childcare experience requirements for children in this age group are almost identical to those for young children, the age restriction can be removed by mutual agreement between the parents and the childcare provider.

Nannies better take care of your child:

When considering whether to use an au pair or a live out nanny in Dubai, some parents are concerned that both parties will require similar levels of care, and that a nanny with childcare experience may be better at looking after the children. Both au pairs and nannies have different skills and experience in looking after children, and both parties should be aware of this.