Importance of Quality Mark

Importance of Quality Mark

The importance of Saso quality mark protection is evident from the fact that many businesses have spent a considerable amount of money in trying to protect their brands. There are a multitude of policies and procedures that are available to protect your brand, but some of them can be costly and intrusive. For example, there can be a demand for a full color photograph of your products and this might be too expensive for you. It is important to know when you are protected from unnecessary expense and invoices.

Protect Logo:

There are some common ways in which you can protect your quality mark and they include utilizing a quality logo, using your company name on products and packaging, and issuing a quality certificates and jakim halal certification. A quality logo can give the first indication that a customer has experienced the product and therefore it should be bold and attractive, no matter the size of the print.

Export Goods for Overseas Markets:

The importance of a quality mark and seal should not be underestimated and this can become vital where you are in international trade. If you are exporting goods to overseas markets then there can be serious problems if you are unable to establish a quality mark and a seal. Some countries will refuse to deal with you if you do not have a quality mark and this could lead to substantial costs being incurred by you. It is important that you follow the relevant rules and legislation in order to apply for a quality certificate.

Protect Trademark:

There are a number of things that need to be included in a quality mark and these are normally referred to as the ‘significance’ factors. These include whether it was designed by you or if it is produced by someone else and if the product is non-conforming to any recognized quality standard. If it is your own design then it is very important that you get the quality certificate so that the product is able to be exported to the destination country.

Shows that the Product is Safe to Use:

Another important factor is that the quality certification means that the product is safe to use. You might think that this is an easy thing to check but you should never compromise safety just to get a cheap price. This can lead to problems down the line, including health and safety risks. The stamping will also indicate to the buyers that your product is of a very high standard and therefore guarantees the quality of your product.